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These photographs were provided by Martin Orr; they were mostly taken by Nathan Kettle and Sandra González Monge.


[Houston skyline (Nathan 2 July)] Houston skyline (Nathan 2 July)
[Rice University accommodation (Nathan 7 July)] Rice University accommodation (Nathan 7 July)
[Weiss College dining hall (Nathan 7 July)] Weiss College dining hall (Nathan 7 July)
[Baseball (Nathan 7 July)] Baseball (Nathan 7 July)

Opening Ceremony

[Contestants at the Opening Ceremony (Sandra 12 July)] Contestants at the Opening Ceremony (Sandra 12 July)
[The UK crossing the stage (Sandra 12 July)] The UK crossing the stage (Sandra 12 July)
[The UK crossing the stage (Sandra 12 July)] The UK crossing the stage (Sandra 12 July)
[Folk dancing (Sandra 12 July)] Folk dancing (Sandra 12 July)
[Folk dancing (Sandra 12 July)] Folk dancing (Sandra 12 July)

Mérida and Hotel

[The Cathedral of San Idelfonso (Sandra 14 July)] The Cathedral of San Idelfonso (Sandra 14 July)
[The UK, Mozambican girl and some guides in art museum (Sandra 14 July)] The UK, Mozambican girl and some guides in art museum (Sandra 14 July)
[Governor’s Palace, Mérida (Nathan 14 July)] Governor’s Palace, Mérida (Nathan 14 July)
[The team in the Governor’s Palace (Nathan 14 July)] The team in the Governor’s Palace (Nathan 14 July)
[Hotel Fiesta Americana roof (Sandra 14 July)] Hotel Fiesta Americana roof (Sandra 14 July)
[Hotel Fiesta Americana atrium (Sandra 14 July)] Hotel Fiesta Americana atrium (Sandra 14 July)
[Hyatt Regency (leaders’) Hotel (Sandra 14 July)] Hyatt Regency (leaders’) Hotel (Sandra 14 July)


[The UK team and Adrian in the Hyatt (Sandra 12 July)] The UK team and Adrian in the Hyatt (Sandra 12 July)
[Sandra, the team, Adrian in the Hyatt (Sandra 12 July)] Sandra, the team, Adrian in the Hyatt (Sandra 12 July)
[Official team photo (IMO 12 July)] Official team photo (IMO 12 July)
[Saul, Jack, Andre and Matthew below the hotel (Nathan 14 July)] Saul, Jack, Andre and Matthew below the hotel (Nathan 14 July)
[The guides (Sandra)] The guides (Sandra)
[Our guide Sandra (Sandra 15 July)] Our guide Sandra (Sandra 15 July)
[Nathan, Sandra, Chris (NZ) and James (NZ) (Sandra 15 July)] Nathan, Sandra, Chris (NZ) and James (NZ) (Sandra 15 July)
[Hurricane preparations (Sandra 17 July)] Hurricane preparations (Sandra 17 July)
[Gluck before the hurricane (Sandra 17 July)] Gluck before the hurricane (Sandra 17 July)
[International friendship in the hurricane (Nathan 17 July)] International friendship in the hurricane (Nathan 17 July)
[Hiding from Hurricane Emily (Nathan 17 July)] Hiding from Hurricane Emily (Nathan 17 July)
[Sleeping through the hurricane (Sandra 18 July)] Sleeping through the hurricane (Sandra 18 July)
[The team before the Closing Ceremony (Sandra 18 July)] The team before the Closing Ceremony (Sandra 18 July)

Mayan Excursions

[Cenote (water hole), Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)] Cenote (water hole), Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)
[Cenote (water hole), Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)] Cenote (water hole), Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)
[Catholic chapel, Dzibilchaltún (Nathan 15 July)] Catholic chapel, Dzibilchaltún (Nathan 15 July)
[Temple of the Seven Dolls, Dzibilchaltún (Nathan 15 July)] Temple of the Seven Dolls, Dzibilchaltún (Nathan 15 July)
[Matthew, Nathan, Jack, Martin, Saul in Temple of the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)] Matthew, Nathan, Jack, Martin, Saul in Temple of the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)
[Sandra, Matthew, Jack, Martin, Saul in Temple of the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)] Sandra, Matthew, Jack, Martin, Saul in Temple of the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)
[Window of the Temple the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)] Window of the Temple the Seven Dolls (Sandra 15 July)
[Temple the Seven Dolls, Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)] Temple the Seven Dolls, Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)
[Mayan stone work, Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)] Mayan stone work, Dzibilchaltún (Sandra 15 July)
[Main pyramid at Chichen Itza (Sandra 17 July)] Main pyramid at Chichen Itza (Sandra 17 July)
[View from pyramid towards Temple of a Thousand Pillars (Sandra 17 July)] View from pyramid towards Temple of a Thousand Pillars (Sandra 17 July)
[View from pyramid towards ballcourt (Nathan 17 July)] View from pyramid towards ballcourt (Nathan 17 July)
[Sandra and Julio (the IMO doctor) on main pyramid (Sandra 17 July)] Sandra and Julio (the IMO doctor) on main pyramid (Sandra 17 July)
[Main pyramid at Chichen Itza (Sandra 17 July)] Main pyramid at Chichen Itza (Sandra 17 July)
[Chichen-Itza Observatory (Nathan 17 July)] Chichen-Itza Observatory (Nathan 17 July)

Other Excursions

[Beach at Progreso (Sandra 15 July)] Beach at Progreso (Sandra 15 July)
[Sandra at Progreso (Sandra 15 July)] Sandra at Progreso (Sandra 15 July)
[Nathan and Matthew at the sports day (Sandra 16 July)] Nathan and Matthew at the sports day (Sandra 16 July)
[Nathan defeating Matthew (Sandra 16 July)] Nathan defeating Matthew (Sandra 16 July)
[Saul and Jack prepare for battle (Sandra 16 July)] Saul and Jack prepare for battle (Sandra 16 July)
[Saul fighting Jack (Nathan 16 July)] Saul fighting Jack (Nathan 16 July)

Closing Ceremony

[Jack getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Jack getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[Saul getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Saul getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[Matthew getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Matthew getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[Andre getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Andre getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[Nathan getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Nathan getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[Martin getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)] Martin getting his medal (Nathan 18 July)
[The end of the Closing Ceremony (Sandra 18 July)] The end of the Closing Ceremony (Sandra 18 July)
[Nathan with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Nathan with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[Matthew with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Matthew with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[Andre with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Andre with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[Jack with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Jack with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[Saul with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Saul with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[Sandra and Chris (NZ) (Sandra 18 July)] Sandra and Chris (NZ) (Sandra 18 July)
[Martin with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)] Martin with Sandra (Sandra 18 July)
[The UK and New Zealand teams (Sandra 18 July)] The UK and New Zealand teams (Sandra 18 July)
[The UK and New Zealand teams try to hide each other (Nathan 18 July)] The UK and New Zealand teams try to hide each other (Nathan 18 July)
[The team triumphant (Nathan 18 July)] The team triumphant (Nathan 18 July)

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