UK IMO Register: Links to lists of other countries’ teams

Some of the other countries competing the the IMO have lists of their past team members online. Please let me know about any such lists you know of that are not linked to here, including more complete lists for the countries where the lists I have linked to are not complete. (I’m looking for lists aiming at completeness, rather than ones with just the teams from the past year or two for countries that have been competing longer. Lists that have not been updated recently and are missing teams from the past year or two are OK; names and scores, but no further information, are available from the official IMO site.)

The following lists of countries, derived from various sources, are believed to include all countries that participated in any IMO and the range of years of their participation. Countries have not necessarily competed in every year in the ranges listed below; there have been long gaps in some cases. I do not have details of the countries that participated in the unofficial 1980 events, so any countries that first or only participated at those events do not have that fact noted below.

The following 117 countries have competed in 2021, 2022 or 2023. (Countries that competed in the past three years normally receive an automatic invitation to the next IMO.)

The following 14 countries have competed in the IMO in the past.

The following 1 “country” has competed in the IMO in the past, but is not recognised by most countries.

The following countries which no longer exist have competed in the IMO in the past.

The following countries have never competed in the IMO. Some may have sent observers, or planned to compete but been unable to send a team. In addition there are various dependent and other territories not generally considered as countries (some of which may have sent team members as part of another country’s team, while some teams may be sent by dependent territories or parts of countries). Various disputed territories that have declared independence are not listed.

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Last updated: 2 August 2023