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The 21st International Mathematical Olympiad was held in London (with Leaders in Bristol for the initial part of the IMO, and everyone in Oxford at the end of the IMO) from 28 June 1979 (arrival of leaders) to 9 July 1979 (departure). This page collects scans of documents relating to IMO 1979.

The documents here were provided by David Monk. Contributions of additional relevant documents are welcome. In general 600dpi grayscale scans are preferred for documents being sent electronically. Most documents are provided here in black-and-white for reasons of space; the original grayscale (or in some cases colour) scans may be available on request.


Contributions of the missing original papers are welcome for languages where only one day’s paper is available here.

Results and Coordination information

Contributions of official results lists or lists mapping contestant codes to names are welcome.


Contributions of other programmes, invitations and similar documents are welcome, especially those showing events for contestants or documents listing names of Leaders, Deputy Leaders and people involved in organising the IMO (such as generally appear in programme booklets for recent IMOs).

Information about past UK IMO teams

Proposed problems (shortlist and longlist)

The documents here do not include solutions; contributions of any solutions contemporaneously distributed to or among the Jury or Coordinators to inform problem selection and mark schemes are welcome.

Note that the shortlist is in English, while the longlist problems from some countries are in French or German. Also note that the longlist page here of problems proposed by Czechoslovakia does not include problem CS4 from the shortlist (I do not know if this means there is a missing second page in the longlist, but there is no sign from the IMO Compendium of there being any other missing pages here, and the UK report on this IMO gives the total number of longlist problems as 80, which is the figure if CS4 is not counted; with CS4 there are 81 problems), and that problem GR4 on the shortlist appears as GR5 on the longlist.


The following publications either relate to IMO 1979, or contain significant material relating to it. Contributions of additional references are welcome.

IMO 1979 publications

General publications

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